Thursday, 17 July 2008

Who's that Girl?

So I asked my friends to describe me in lieu of me writing a "this is me" intro post and they all wrote some very lovely things! Feel free to add your own description!

Blondie is your biggest cheerleader when in need of support and the most honest sounding board when in need of the truth and probably the only person I could ever maintain a true friendship with across an ocean...

I met Blondie through mutual friends in Cincinnati. I had just moved there, and gotten a job at the Dubliner, where she worked at the time. A week or two into living there, I get a call on my cell phone while shopping at Big Lots from Blondie, excited as hell because she won a radio contest and was getting to meet Taking Back Sunday. I was so jealous, figuring she'd take Ashley or one of her other friends that she knew more than me, but she kept using “we” so I finally asked if she was taking me and I believe the response was “of course Silly!” I barely knew her at the time, we'd only met a few months before when I was visiting my friends before moving and she had this great opportunity and she picked me because she knew that I would enjoy it more. Blondie has a picture of us there, which I'm sure she'll tag to this to show everyone how happy we were. This is when I realized that Blondie is the completely awesome human being that she is.

Blondie is the kind of friend who knows that, sometimes, the best way to get over a broken heart is to have your friends dress up in ridiculous outfits and sing karaoke at a sushi bar. Or sometimes the answer is just more vodka!

"My name is Blondie, I am not a boy."

Very confident and bold (anyone who can go one stage and shout c*nt a lot has sheer utter boldness) never not seen her smile so smiley, bubbly girly type and very American! (I mean that in a non offensive way).

Blondie and I bonded over a shared love of making fun of other people...not sure what that says about either of us!

What’s a funny event you shared together? Grillz need I say more...
What are the names of all of their pets? Emma
What is the best moment you've had with him/her? Flossin gangsta
When did you meet? In front of the 7-11 pimpin out hoes
What is their favourite way to spend a day? Canoodling or bustin caps in asses
Name a few things they dislike: Late hoes…fake grillz, bitches
What is/was their favourite school subject? Women’s studies

Pink, Bubbly, Eclectic, Loyal, Humane, Fun-loving, Idealist, Persistent, Extroverted, Feeling, Intuitive, Sociable, Sentimental, Performer, Self-Assured, Gregarious, Enthusiastic....

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