Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy 4th/New Hair

It's an absolutely sunny, gorgeous 4th of July! I was going to wear red, white and blue but totally forgot, but when I got home I changed into this tee Sabrina got me.

I took this picture while I was sitting and waiting while NBH was getting his hair cut. It was so super sunny, I decided to sit outside with a magazine while he go this new do.

He tends to go through long hair, short hair, long hair phases and since he's graduated and the wedding is coming up, he's back to short.

Here he is:


I got slightly nervous when he told the girl he wanted an asymetrical cut that was longer in the front that the back and sides. I sorta pictured Christian from Project Runway and his bi-level fashion hawk, but I like it.

NBH's got his graduation ball tonight, so I took the opportunity to take a shot of him all dolled up in his kilt. The next time he wears it we will be getting married! WTF!
Katie and I went and took my dress in to get altered today as well. It took ages, mostly because they had to find a sheet for me to stand on and wait for most of the customers to leave so there'd be space. But it was only £35 and the bridal shop quoted me £180, so yay for saving cash.


Anonymous said...

its so wrong that its sunny and gorgeous there for the 4th since it is rainy and gross here.. wtf? LOVE colins hair cut.. way cute on him..

Anonymous said...

I like the new hair. Looks good.

lizrising said...

I love that in pictures I have seen of Colin, half the time he has the fake goofy grin that little kids get when they're told to smile for a picture and they don't quite get it.

Melaina25 said...

Colin says that's him trying to do a "Ryenie smile" or as his sister calls it his "American smile."