Friday, 3 September 2010

F-up Friday

So I f-d up. The way I remember Haraway is not how it reads in reality. I've heard from a lot of you that it was really difficult to read and understand and after re-reading it again, I agree. In fact I think I've smooshed Cyborgs and another article into one idea in my mind.

So, no Feminist Friday today. I will extrapolate what I was looking for and make that the theme for next Friday. Basically I want to talk about the internet. How your life online is an extension of reality and how virtual communities can be created and just as valid as tangible communities. Talk to me about women's power through the internet whether it's the rise of the mommy blogger, mompreneurs, campaigns for change, etc.

I promise if I give homework in the future it will be way, way, easier. I hope I haven't discouraged y'all from participating.

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