Thursday, 23 September 2010

Tomy Light and Sounds Baby Mirror

For the most part Blondie Boy loves the car. He babbles away to himself and stares out the window taking in whatever scenery is passing him by. Sometimes, when he's super sleepy he gets cranky and moany and just generally upset because he is tired, but is fighting sleep.

Luckily we were sent a Tomy Light and Sounds Baby Mirror and it is like baby Ambien. The Light and Sounds Mirror has a choice of seven different melodies, calming or entertaining and a scientifically developed “Baby Sshh” melody has been included to help turn a crying baby into a happy baby for happier journeys. Different characters light up in sync with the melody as well.
The best part as well is it has a remote control! So while you are driving and your baby is pitching a fit in the back seat all you do is press a button and voilà chilled out baby. You choose an entertaining or calming melody based on how long you press the remote and once your child is asleep you can press the button to turn it off again.

We learned the hard way that the remote will not work if the mirror is hung upside-down, so if you are setting off on a long journey don't be airheads like us and hang it upside-down!

The mirror is also designed so you can keep an eye on your child by looking in the rear-view mirror. I already had a plain mirror for that purpose which magnified Blondie Boy's face, so for me the regular size face in the Light and Sounds mirror didn't really work for me. I keep the big mirror above his car seat and the Light and Sounds Mirror to the side just for him to see. However, if you weren't used to a magnified face it would work just fine.

We haven't had any meltdowns in the car from a sleepy Blondie Boy since we've hooked up his mirror and I would highly recommend it to anyone for use from birth. The Tomy Light and Sounds Mirror retails for £24.99.
Transatlantic Blonde was provided this product to review.


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