Sunday, 12 September 2010

Rachel's Organic Yogurt

You might have noticed that I'm a bit particular about what I feed Blondie Boy. Whatever I can make myself I can as I don't like giving him additives and stuff he doesn't need or want. So I was super excited to try Rachel's Organic "My First Yogurts."

One of my favorite things about them has to be the organic ingredients:
Banana: organic yogurt , organic banana purée (15.5%), organic pear juice concentrate, organic rice starch, organic lemon juice
Mango: organic yogurt, organic mango purée (12%), organic apple juice concentrate, organic rice starch, organic lemon juice
Only 5 ingredients and no sugar, colourings or other nasties. HOORAY!

Blondie Boy freaking loves them. He'll eat an entire pot in one go, no problem. My only complaint would be the composition of the pack. The pack comes with mango, banana, strawberry and raspberry. Most doctors do not recommend giving your baby berries before 6 months and as Blondie Boy has eczema he's not allowed them until 9-12 months.
NotBlondeHusband and I gladly eat the berry flavors ourselves, but since Blondie Boy loves yogurt so much it is just disappointing he can only eat 2 pots out of a four pack.
If your baby or child is okay to eat berries Rachel's Organic has a whole range of children's products called Taste Explorers with yogurt squeezies, rice pudding and other mixed fruit yogurt combinations. All organic and all free of nasties.
Rachel's Organic has loads of other organic dairy products including their new pouring yogurt. NotBlondeHusband used it to make his famous Greek Nachos and it's also great over cereal or granola.
The My First Yogurts are currently on sale for £3 for 2 packs at Tesco. I looked for them at my local Morrison's to price compare, but unfortunately they are not stocked at my store; you can find a list of online retailers here.

Transatlantic Blonde was provided this product for review.

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