Tuesday, 28 September 2010

You guessed it!

Y'all were correct! Blondie Boy's first tooth has finally broken through! Here is the creepy part--it is exactly the same age to the day that NotBlondeHusband got his first tooth! There seems to be a tiny corner of the tooth next to it poking through as well, but he's had that on the top for weeks now as well, so I'm not holding my breath for any more anytime soon!

Here are some attempted photos of Daddy Boy's new chomper:

I apologize for how crap they are, but it's difficult to take a photo of a 1cm tooth in a very busy little boy's mouth!


Oh Mammy said...

Happy first tooth Blonde Boy! Miss B has sprouted three in the space of five days (two bottom and now one top). Oh the joys... xx

julesey10 said...

Yay gorgeous boy. So happy theyre coming though. Hope they all come at once with no probs for the boy.xxx