Monday, 12 July 2010

Flukeing Fantastic!

Before we left on our transatlantic trip Blondie Boy was lucky enough to be chosen to test out some gorgeous Fluke clothes and products. Fluke are an online children's clothing retailer with classic, but funky clothes made from beautiful fabrics with great attention to detail and subtle styling features.

Blondie Boy was sent the Bill & Ben Baby Blanket, Whirligig Striped Short Sleeve Tee Shirt and Rintintin Long Johns. I was in love before we even opened the package as they were wrapped in adorable cartooned wrapping paper--it felt like I was getting a present from a friend!

I threw them all in the wash (they came out the same as the went in; no fraying, shrinking or discolouration) and then straight into Blondie Boy's carry-on bag for our flight to California.

We used the blanket to line the bassinet on the flight and it was big enough to also fold over on top of Blondie Boy. Now I can't prove it was the cuteness and comfiness of the Bill & Ben blanket than caused Blondie Boy to sleep 8 1/2 hours out of the 11 hour flight, but I know it sure didn't hurt!
We also used the blanket at my Mom's house and normally we wake up to find Blondie Boy with his covers kicked off, but I couldn't help but smile when I walked in to see him like this.

I think he liked cuddling the blanket in part to the different texture of the stitching on the reverse of the blanket.

The clothes were super soft and Blondie Boy looked so cute in them! I'm really picky about what I'll let him wear; I think a lot of baby clothes seem to be cluttered with unnecessary designs or scattered with branded characters. Fluke clothing is simple, but stylish and I'm very proud that Blondie Boy is a Fluke kid!

Right now everything is 50% off! If that's not a good deal, I don't know what is!

Transatlantic Blonde received this product to review.


Emma said...

Ooo.. I'm going to have to go & check it out!! That blanket is cute and BB is adorable!! :) x

Lauren Moyer said...

Ah he's so cute! I haven't really seen pictures yet! You make good babies! :)