Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday Style

You may have noticed I've changed the layout of my blog and added some tabs or if you're like me and read everything in Google reader you have no idea what my blog looks like!

Either way I'm thinking my blog needs re-vamp. I love my background that the fabulous Mooeta made for me, but I think the focus of my blog has changed and maybe it doesn't represent what it's all about now?

Does blog appearance matter to you? What sort of things do you like to see? Could you really not care less and wish I'd shut up already?

Anyone have any tips or tricks on how to make a fabulous header/background? I'm not the most html savvy gal on the block. I'm also totally up for working out a deal if anyone wants to hook me up :)

...And for putting up with a fairly boring post, here's a video of Blondie Boy doing two of his favorite things: screeching/babling & kicking:


Mrslmk28 said...

I just made a new blog. I used this site

I find it easier to look for the header first then go look for a background that matches. I'll still read your blog no matter what it looks like.

I personally wanted a more family centered blog theme thats what motivated me to change the whole thing. GL with whatever you decide!
And blonde boy is too cute!

Sarah said...

Picking a background is a HUGE pain in the butt! It's like trying decide what outfit you want to where... for months.

I do think a background matters when it comes to readers (who are not using google reader). I don't use google reader and sometimes I see a background and think "what were they thinking?!" Or I think, "I can relate to this person becaus we have the same style."

Now, if you figure out how to make a descent header, please let me know :). I'm undecided on keeping my header just a title, or a title with picture.

Lil'Misa said...

I honestly don't pay that much attention to layout, background, etc. I just read. Especially if I am on my phone I don't see all the fancy stuff.

Lorry said...

When I get in the right mood, I like to make my own using digital scrapbooking kits (which I already have as a digiscrapper). Some of them have terms of use that allow for blogwear use. Actually, your existing background with the passport and stamps was made the same way, using Also some digiscrap designers sell ready-made blog kits like this one, often including instructions for how to use them in Blogger. (If you google, you can find lots of digiscrap sites, and they often have a "blogwear" or "blog fashion" or "blog design" area in their shops.)

They do tend to be frilly frilly girly stuff, but I've seen some nicer ones too, if you're patient enough to search them out.