Sunday, 18 July 2010

Plumb in your Mouth

I haven't blogged about making Blondie Boy's food, but we kept it up with making our own food while we were on vacation. Since I last blogged he's tried peaches, pears and peas (eh on the peaches and pears, liked the peas) and now we've moved on to plums.

Plums were on sale for £1 a punnet at my grocery, so it seemed like a good deal. There were a lot of different ways to cook the plums, but I opted to go with what seemed like the easiest: boiling.

I washed the plums and threw them into a pot of boiling water for around 10 minutes. The water will turn from clear to a bright purpley-red.

When cooked I dunked the plums in cold water to get the skins off, but honestly they were peeling off already. A lot of the flesh came off with the skin, so I think I might try an alternative method in the future.

The plums will come apart in your hands, so take out the pits and throw into a food processor and blend until smooth. As always I put in in an ice-cube tray to freeze and store for later. I brought back trays from the US which are about 2x bigger than UK ones and a better portion size. As you can see a punnet of plums only makes 6 cubes--not a great output.

I tasted the puree and it was really tart. I decided to mix some with rice to cut the tartness, but umm you judge for yourself what Blondie Boy thought. We'll give them a try for another 4 days, but I don't foresee a success.


Marisa said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog via Melissa and her Helping the Little Guy project... love!
I too have been making all my munchkin's food from scratch, and something I've found great I prefer over boiling is baking... just cut whatever fruit into halves and lay them face down in a pan with a little water, toss them in the oven for an hour (or so) and the skins come right off. Warning - I've discovered baked fruit to be rather yummy indeed, and have on more than one occasion eaten a bunch before it has the chance to hit the blender. So. :) There you have it...

Melaina25 said...

Thanks Marisa! Have you posted any of your baby food making adventures on your blog? I'd love to see/read about your experiences!