Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Naughty Step

Pippa tagged me in this meme a few days ago, but I was struggling to think who I would put on the naughty step. Blondie Boy woke up early this morning and I was flipping through the crap that is morning TV and heard a story about Billie Piper on GMTV and immediately I know who should go on the naughty step.

Photo from the Daily Mail.

Really Billie? I understand that she may not be blowing smoke directly in her son's face, but regardless she is smoking in very close proximity to her wee son. This is not okay in my book and I don't understand how people still smoke so close to small children. I HATE seeing mother's holding their child's hand or pushing a pram and smoking.

I do not let anyone smoke around Blondie Boy and if I know someone has been smoking they aren't allowed to hold him. I've read studies where even as much as residual smoke on clothing can affect babies.

Why would you knowingly endanger your child's life with something that can so easily be prevented? Ideally no one should smoke, but if you want to harm yourself, at least do it far, far away from children.

So I've gone ahead and judged Billie and think she needs time to think about what she's done. Who would you put on the naughty step?

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SusanKMann said...

Totally, I have to agree with you. I hate that too or a pregnant woman smoking. I know it's an addiction and all but I hate to see it and wish they wouldn't. Great choice. x

Melaina25 said...

It really pissed me off that she's quoted as saying she gave up during her pregnancy, yet here she is smoking in front of her son.

Yes, you shouldn't smoke when you are pregnant, but you shouldn't smoke around your child either!

If she gave up then, why not now?

Lil'Misa said...

That is sad. :( You totally should not smoke around your child.

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY AGREE!! I hate it hate it hate it. My sister smokes and she's pregnant, it really upsets me but I don't feel I can whinge at her about it any more without alienating her.

I did this meme myself too love - you can read mine here -