Thursday, 8 July 2010

My chicken's pretty funky

I've started a bunch a post this week but not finished any of them. I could have written about CyberMummy, a belated post on the birth of my faux-nephew, dieting, Blondie Boy turning 6 months or even an easy one a survey post.

Red over at Resourceful Redhead awarded me with the sunshine award, but honestly lately I've been feeling anything but sunny. It's certainly not a lack of ideas that's fueling my writer's block, but I'm pretty sure I know what it is.

I'm homesick. It normally happens at some point after we get back from the States, but this time since we were home so long it has hit me really hard. I can't get back on the same timezone and I'm just sorta in a blah mood in general and it is affecting just about everything I do.

CyberMummy: I totally appreciate the fabulous people at Emma's Diary sponsoring me to attend and I had a great day listening and learning from speakers, liaising with PR folk and meeting other bloggers. However, I didn't come away with that warm fuzzy feeling of sisterhood everyone else has been blogging about. I felt like an outsider looking in; everyone seemed to know everyone else or had just made a new best friend. Between all the back and forth on twitter and blogs popping up on lists just makes me feel like I've failed at Blogger Popularity 101.

Faux-Nephew: My best friend had her baby boy 3 weeks early and I was in the same country as her, but couldn't go and see her. Logistically there was no way I could get to DC from Cincinnati and back with a 5 1/2 month old with all the stuff we had scheduled while I was home, but I still felt ridiculously guilty that my best friend in the entire world was so close, but so far away. Even just writing this right now I feel guilty and teary that I didn't find a way to make that 10 hour drive and meet her new son. I hate that I don't know when our boys will get to meet and I know that's because I live abroad.

6 months: Blondie Boy is half a year old, W-T-F. He's following the same growth curve and now weighs 16lbs, 8oz. We had his customary photo shoot, but I just can't be bothered photoshopping in the number 6 and pulling it all together. Otherwise I love the boy to bits and he constantly makes me smile and there absolutely nothing blah about him. Trust me even his poos are blah, they are more blech to be precise.

Dieting: Ugh. We all know I've done South Beach before and it really works, but I also know that South Beach and fresh food in general is really expensive. Being on extended maternity leave means being on a budget, so South Beach isn't going to be an option. I'm going to try the Special K Diet (2 bowls a day + one healthy meal), so if anyone knows anyone at Kellogg's please hook a girl up. In general I'm not happy with my post-pregnancy body, but let's not go there.

Sunshine Award: I'm supposed to tell you ten things about me and let you know ten other bloggers I like. Honestly I think I've been honest enough in this post and I'd suggest you try any of the people in my blog roll to the right.

This isn't my typical post and I know that; hell there's only one picture and it's not even of Blondie Boy. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but I am trying to keep it real. Wasn't blogging about stuff whether people like it or not one of the things CyberMummy taught us? So for those of you who hate this post, I'm sorry. I promise to post some fabulous pictures of Blondie Boy, taken by the AMAZING Kortnee Kate, tomorrow for you. See yet another easy thing I could have blogged about, but haven't.

Thank you for bearing with me and if you've ever been in a funk, especially a homesick funk, what do you do to shake it?


Laura said...

first of all.. ur allowed to be extra homesick... u got to spend time with a lot of family and u know we all miss having you here like crazy.. on to happier stuffs.. i did the two week special k a year or two ago.. did lose a couple lbs but we didnt have a scale in the house so exact #s are uncertain.. u eat more than just the cereal.. do yall have the protein bars and what not over there? the breakfast bars which u can use as a 'snack' on the diet are really yummy.. the protein ones, well they are protein bars.. there are crackers and such available now too that i imagine are 'snacks'.. if u cant find that stuff there id be happy to send u a variety sampler care package since i buy them regularly for work snacks... anyhoo.. this is a long comment.. chat me soon and we can discuss.. also cant wait to see the photo shoot photos! love love love you!

Benny said...

I'm sorry to hear you are in a funk. I hope things start to look up for you in time. Really there is nothing to get out of homesick blues except time (usually the last thing people want to hear). I'm sure your friend knows how much you wanted to be there and loves you regardless. I enjoyed your post and thank you.

Allyson said...

Oh my...that made me sad but sometimes you just have to get the bad stuff off your chest to start feeling better. The States are Blondie, Not Blonde Husband and Blondie Boy sick too buuut, at the same time, you are home. I know how you feel about not figuring out how to get to DC. The entire time you were prego, I wanted desperately to come to you. It made me sad to not get to touch your prego belly and feel the little one move, you are my first really close friend to have become pregnant. She knows that it wasn't possible at that time and you know the two boys will know each other in heart and spirit because of you friendship even if they don't meet each other in the next year. Kids know who is important to their parents without having to really know the person. Parker knows you as well as he does from me talking about you and reminding him of you. You look lovely regardless of how you feel (I know you'll argue with me but I'm right). And thanks for the twitter account....that was a bold move :)

A Modern Mother said...

Well I was looking for you!

bettyl said...

I hope your funk lifts soon. Wish I had some great words of wisdom for you.

Dana said...

I hope things start turning around for you. It was wonderful to see you and I wish we had been able to get the boys together. Still haven't gotten my act together to ship Blondie Boy's package, but I will soon. As far as diets go, I recommend I've been doing it for a while now, and it really works. It's also very cheap, because all you do is log what you eat! Good luck with everything, and I hope you can come back soon.

Magic Mummy said...

Aaaaw bless you - You're bound to be homesick especially as you had so much fun when you were there x x

Hope your feeling better soon ;-)