Tuesday 30 June 2009

Blog changes

...the blog will be taking on a slightly new slant over the next 6 months

Friday 26 June 2009

MJ 1958-2009

I know he wasn't exactly the picture of health or sanity these past few years, but I am truly shocked about the passing of Michael Jackson.

He was my first love. I can remember being a tiny little girl watching Thriller premiere and being scared and running upstairs, but then coming back down and watching it again (MTV played it twice in a row).

I loved him so much I had a Michael Jackson cake for my 3rd birthday. I even kissed the cake. I had MJ posters on my wall and a MJ barbie doll complete with only one glove.

I can't say I was a die-hard fan much past the age of 6, but it's still sad to lose such a musical icon at such a long age. I know he has been troubled, but I hope he is remembered for his music and not for the drama.

Thursday 25 June 2009

Happy Birthday to Me...

For some reason I thought it would be cool to pose with the sign saying "June 25th" at our hotel reception before we left for the airport.

Lovely cake I was surprised with back in Bangkok, but have yet to taste due to some "issues" acquired in Koh Samui...

Sunday 21 June 2009

Friday 19 June 2009

Thailand here we come!

Glasgow to Dubai to Bangkok (6684 mi)
I'm off to Thailand for NBH's Dad's wedding and we will also celebrate my 29th birthday while we are there and spend 3 days on the beach on Koh Samui. I will try to blog, but I can't promise anything. I'm excited for my first trip to Asia even if I don't have a digital camera to document it. We fly back the 29th, so see y'all then!

Monday 15 June 2009

Music Monday

I'm going to push on y'all one of my favorite Scottish bands, Biffy Clyro. They are from Ayrshire (where NBH is from) and NBH's been mistaken for a member of the band more than once, but that's not why I like them.

I love, love, love that Simon sings in a full-on Scottish accent. Not only is it pretty hot, I just hate when people put on Anglo-American accents and lose their own accent. Simon also has some of my favorite Beach Boys lyrics tattooed on his chest- if that's not cred, I don't know what is.

He's also done a side project called Marmaduke Duke; I don't love it as much as Biffy Clyro, but still enjoy listening to him sing. Google "Rubber Lover" if you fancy giving them a listen!

Friday 12 June 2009

The Hangover

On Wednesday, NBH and I had my favorite kind of date night, which meant dinner and a free preview courtesy of SeeFilmFirst. We went to TGIFriday's (don't laugh it tastes the same as home) and then saw "The Hangover."

TGIFridays logo

Three best friends and a brother-in-law to be take a road trip to Vegas for Doug's Bachelor Party. When they all wake up the next day they can't remember anything and they can't find Doug. The movie is basically them trying to piece together what happened and find Doug and get back to LA for his wedding; as you can imagine it's not an easy task, but a funny one.

The Hangover Baby
It's pretty funny, with Zack Galifianakis stealing the show and the socially inept brother-in-law. Bradley Cooper does the "hot" asshole friend pretty much as you'd expect him to do and Ed Helms from the Daily Show puts in a good performance as the p*ssywhipped dentist.

The Hangover Alan Man Bag
I won't post the trailer because I think they spoil the best parts. All and all it's like if SuperBad and Old School had a baby and that baby was a movie. I would have happily had paid to see it, but I won't be rushing to buy it on DVD when it's released.

Monday 8 June 2009

10 months & 5 years

10 months since NBH and I got married...

(Ault Park, Cincinnati, OH 08/08/08)

5 years since we moved in together...
(Kelly's Irish Times, Washington, DC 06/25/04)

Thursday 4 June 2009

You dirty freaks

Since Caitlin and Jessica both posted about what google searches landed people on their websites I though I'd do the same. I was just going to list the top 6, but there are some freaky searches further down. Y'all are a dirty bunch of pervs and must have been highly disappointed when you wound up here, lol.

1 transatlantic blonde 14
2 citrus grilled chicken 9
3 breast cancer petition 6
4 tuscan grilled chicken 5

5 nasty nati 3
6 nasty nati movie 3
7 breast cancer 2
8 grilled chicken citrus 2
9 marat safin 2

10 marat safin girls 2
11 marat safin house 2
12 transatlantic blond 2
13 tuscan grilled citrus chicken 2
14 "the boat that rocked" "leather pants" 1
15 ass brackets 1
16 ass movie blonde 1
17 bgt 1
18 bgt kids 1
19 bhoys 1
20 biggest movie badasses of all time 1
21 bite marat safin 1
22 blogspot ass girls 1

23 blonde ass fuck movies 1
24 blonde asses 1
25 blonde breast 1
26 blonde glasgow 1
27 blonde hairy blog 1
28 blonde in zack and miri 1
29 blonde irn bru 1
30 blonde streaming 1
31 blonde sweet treat 1
32 blonde tarts 1
33 blonde with tats 1
34 blondes taking it in ass 1
35 boobs blonde paw tattoo 1
36 brackets blondes 1
37 breast cancer lifetime petition 2009 1
38 cancer petition 1
39 cat tats 1
40 citrus grilled 1
41 citrus tuscan chicken 1
42 citurs grilled chicken 1
43 copy cat tattoos 1
44 copycat rant 1
45 copycat tattoos 1
46 eve rapper 1
47 flaxen blondes girls 1
48 girl punk blogspot zip rar 1
49 girls with braces movies 1
50 give me leonard cohen afterworld 1
51 glasgow blog girl 1
52 hairy blonde emma 1
53 hairy true blonde 1
54 hydraulic blondie 1
55 iron lotus figure skating 1
56 marat safin and wife 1
57 marat safin tales 1
58 marat safin the slacker 1
59 mary landrieu blond 1
60 mcsteamy and marat safin 1
61 mcsteamy look a like safin 1
62 melaina twitter ryan wenstrup 1
63 mildred glasgow skate 1
64 movie bad girl ass 1

65 nasty nati girls 2 1
66 nastynati 1
67 platinum blonde hairy 1
68 pop tart burn 1
69 pretty blonde hairy 1
70 rant of a copy girl 1
71 ryan's dusk till dawn tattoo design 1
72 safin 1
73 safin blonde 1
74 safin marat 1
75 safin tats 1
76 the boat that rocked in m√ľnchen 1
77 the soup arr rar rar mar rar 1
78 the yardbirds - for your love the boat that rocked 1
79 tony alamo glasgow 1 80 transatlantic blogspot 1
81 transatlantic blon 1
82 transatlantic+blogspot.com 1
83 transatlanticblonde 1
84 treat a poptart burn finger 1
85 tuscan citras 1
86 who is the blond in zack and miri 1
87 who is the blonde girl from zach and miri 1
88 you say im crazy i got you crazy 1

Wednesday 3 June 2009