Sunday 26 July 2015

Ten months

Age - ten months

Weight - 20lbs

Height -  29 1/2"

Sleeping habits - She is officially in her own room and in her cot; no more basket. I know it's been 4 months since my last update but this is still a relatively new development. She still ends up in bed with me in the wee hours but it's better than nothing.

Eating habits - Still breastfeeding and she loves fruit and veggie purées. I've been giving her oatmeal (blended up oats) mixed with fruits which she loves too. She is also a massive fan of puffs and rice crackers. We've recently started letting her try bits of things we are eating which is the only real way she'll eat chunky things. Also giving a baby sweet potato fries means you'll get the chance to eat you're own dinner--win, win. She, much like her brother before her, is a big fan of a Scottish morning roll.

baby eating sweet potato fries

Favorite activity - She is all about pulling up and standing up, doing the hand movements to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and putting anything she can find in her mouth.

Milestones - Well I've not done this for 4 months so probably crawling and standing and other things I'm forgetting. Still no teeth.

Firsts-  Overnight away from Mom when I was in London for work in June, bath with her brother, Fourth of July, pigtails and big girl bath

baby girl fourth of july tutu

baby pigtails

Like to compare/contrast? Well tough I didn't do a 10 month update for Blondie Boy. It's nice to see I'm consistent with my inconsistency. Here's the boy's 9 month update though!

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Tuesday 14 July 2015

Debenhams Summer Soiree

Summer in Glasgow this year is particularly disappointing; I think we've literally had ONE day of summer. It's been grey, rainy and just dreary. Luckily Debenhams brought all of summers best beauty and swimwear trends to Gusto Glasgow to give us that summer feeling. I mean it IS July after all!

Debenhams Summer Soiree

One of my favourite finds was Barebaroque jewellery tattoos. Tattoo bracelets are so on trend for summer festivals but I'd never seen metallic and neon jewellery tattoos like this. They have the requisite delicate, metallic single strand tattoos or bigger statement pieces like the metallic and neon Aztec band I went for.

Barebaroque Jewellery Tattoos

The tattoos are super easy to put on just like you would any traditional temporary tattoos and they last 3-5 days. The sheets of multiple designs are only £6 so you can mix, match and stack the jewellery tattoos for a night out or if you are like me to run to brighten up your Starbucks run on a rainy day!

Gold Silver Tattoo Bracelet

Keeping on the summer festival trend Lorraine Wood Flowers taught us how to make amazing, real floral crowns. Lorraine is known for her innovate wedding flowers but also runs workshops. I miserably failed but luckily Lorraine stepped in to save my crown!

Real Flower Floral Crown

Two Blondes Flower Crown

While we all noshed on Gusto's yummy bites and sipped summer cocktails, we also got to see Debenhams summer swimwear. Neon colours, frills and details were all big. 

Blonde Brunette Redhead Model Neon Bikinis

Swimwear is one of the hardest things for me to find--finding a suit that supports and is cute is damn near impossible. If it supports the girls it looks matronly and if it's cute, it doesn't fit up top. Luckily Debenhams has me covered with Floozie by Frost French suit that not only supports with underwire and a halter neck, but has all the delicate details on trend this summer. Plus it has skulls and y'all know I'm a sucker for skulls.

Skull Retro Swimsuit

What are your favourite trends for summer? 

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