Saturday 28 January 2012

WAHM+Toddler=Boring Blog

I will admit I've been slightly neglecting my blog but I swear it is for good reasons. Y'all know I'm a WAHM (work at home Mom) and honestly juggling a toddler and work doesn't always leave me tons of time for writing especially now that Blondie Boy is older and coupled with the fact that I've got more work.

Don't get me wrong more work is awesome. I'm really lucky that I've found my niche and created a career for myself that I truly love. It may seem weird that I'm saying this since I work from my couch but I'm a people person. I like to talk to people and help people and though it isn't face to face that is what I'm doing. Throw in some event planning, copy writing and a bunch of other stuff I'm not listing off (my resume is on LinkedIn if you are that interested) and that is what I do day to day.

I really love my clients, too. They are great people to work with and believe in me which is a wonderful feeling. I have some new projects in the pipeline too that I'm super excited about as well. When people used to ask me if I wanted to move back to the USA I said yes but it depended on the job market. Now I say eventually but my career is here right now.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this now other than to say I'm sorry if my blog is getting boring or if I don't write as much anecdotal stuff any more but I promise I'm really going to try. If I don't it is only because I'm working my tushie off (wouldn't it be great if work really shrunk your ass?) or I'm playing my tushie off with Blondie Boy.

Please accept some Blondie Boy cuteness for your viewing pleasure as an apology:

Wednesday 25 January 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Impromptu Date Night

Things have been a bit hectic around these parts as I'm preparing for a work event I've been planing for the end of this week. For whatever reason I decided I wanted to go out to dinner tonight and when I looked I could get booked into The Grill on the Corner's 50% deal but we only had 40 minutes to make Blondie Boy's dinner, feed him and leave. 

So I went from my errand-running outfit and make-up to Date Night (plus toddler) outfit in less than 5 minutes! I darkened my eyeshadow and liner and threw on a sweater and hopefully looked semi-presentable.

The Flirt Jeans- Old Navy
Pink Gym Shoes- Puma
Fearless Tiny Skull Studs- Dogeared
Geleration Rebel Yell Gel Manicure

H&M Black Sweater 

Blondie Boy was looking pretty cute himself so he got in on the What I Wore action, too! 

Red Skull Hoodie- Paul Frank for Target
Jeans- Marks and Spencers
Skull Slip Ons- Gap

Thursday 19 January 2012

Prime Location Property Search iPhone app

It is no secret that I'm a bit of an app fan; okay who am I kidding, I'm an app junkie. If there was an app to braid my hair and walk the dog I'd be a happy woman. In all seriousness though a good app should make your life so much easier and the new Prime Location Property Search iPhone app is one of those apps.

I can remember when NotBlondeHusband and I were looking for a new house; I was massively pregnant and lets just say it was not fun. My friend just got a new job and is moving back to the West Coast of Scotland (yay!) so obviously that means she needs a new place to live so when she was up last week we had a look houses on the Prime Location Property Search iPhone app.

It couldn't be easier to use; you can type in your location using the place name or postcode or if you are out and about you can use the "location" feature to find properties nearby. You can also use the camera view to take a photo of where you are and see what is close by--how cool is that? 

West Coast weather in the winter is less than desirable* so we just typed in the name of a town we knew she was interested in and then clicked "Buy." You can also search for rental properties if that is what you are looking for instead.

Gorgeous 5 bedroom, £1.1 million home? Stunning but not quite in her price range so I will skip right ahead to the property that was my favourite.

Look at the views of the river! Stunning right? Modern, 3 bedrooms and balcony looking over the river- SWOON! The app lets you easily swipe through up to 10 images and if you wish you can open up the full brochure and floor plan which I personally think is a must.

You can easily share the listing with friends and family via email, Twitter or Facebook or if you are really keen you can contact the agent straight from the app. The app also has the functionality to save listings to come back and view later and if you have a account you can sync with your saved properties and searches there.

*After writing this up I was having coffee with a friend and when she told me she was trying to get her Step-Dad to help her buy a place I whipped out my iPad and tried the camera function. OMG. You scan right and left and available properties pop up on the live video/picture--how cool is that?

The Prime Location Property Search iPhone app is FREE on iTunes. If you don't have access to iTunes why not look for properties on What do you look for when buying or renting a new house?

This is a sponsored post.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

What I Wore: Speaking Engagement

I had planned on being blacked out today to protest SOPA/PIPA but since it appears to be shelved and I can't get the freaking HTML to work on my page I am not. I have added a ribbon though in solidarity.

I was asked to speak about blogging as part of Glasgow University Media Week earlier today and wanted to wear something casual put professional. I'm a huge fan of sweater dresses and I hadn't worn this one in a while so I was glad to see it still fits!

Don't ask what is going on with my leg because I have no idea but NBH didn't have the patience for more than one take (can you blame him?). Also what is your thoughts on my penguin friend? It was acquired as a holiday decoration but since it is still cold out I've kept our fine feather friend out on the porch. Time to put her away or should she stay?

Dress- BCBG Max Azaria (TJ Maxx)
Leggings- Mossimo (Target)
Black Boots- Sketchers
Black Feather Earrings- Monsoon
Nails- Barry M Limited Edition Silver Glitter (currently free when you buy 2 other Barry M products at Boots and I freaking LOVE this polish)

Sunday 15 January 2012

Homophobia is NOT funny

I'm going to say something I thought I didn't have to say: homophobia isn't funny. Seems obvious right? Apparently not. I've talked before about the power of words and linguistics so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that I feel this way.

Obviously straight up, in your face, disgusting, hateful homophobia is wrong; but so is passive, inferential homophobia. To me there is little difference between the two as they both have the same result. You can straight up say that being gay is wrong or you can say boys with long hair are "queers"-- BOTH are not okay.

I'm raising my son to be anything he wants to be and love anyone he wants to love and to know that whatever his choices are they are all normal. Words are so powerful and why would you choose to marginalize and alienate an entire section of society for the purpose of a laugh?

Don't get me wrong; I love humour and I know that comedy can push boundaries but there is a difference between pushing boundaries and exploiting homophobic language for a cheap laugh.

I know this might seem as if it is coming out of nowhere but like I said, it is something I thought I didn't have to say but apparently I need to say it. Homophobia is NOT funny.

Tim Tebow + David Bowie = Tebowie

Chances are if you aren't American you have no idea who the freak Tim Tebow is but I will try and summarize. Tebow is the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos who prays during games; sometimes he goes down on one knee which people have now called "Tebowing." They've even gone so far to suggest since he threw 316 yards in his last game and his favourite Bible verse is John 3:16 there is some divine intervention assisting him.

I'm not going to comment on what I think but I think you can take a guess and instead enjoy this amazing Jimmy Fallon parody. Not only is it an impressive David Bowie impression, but the lyrics and phrasing are great.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Toddlers in Tuxedos

So technically this wasn't this week but my sister just got her photos back and how freaking adorable do Blondie Boy and his buddy Leo look in their tuxedos? Blondie Boy was the flower dude in my sister's wedding last October and he and Leo wore these adorable tuxedos from My Tuxedo. The tuxedos are surprisingly affordable (packages start at £20!) and I love that the waist of the pants were adjustable and they came un-hemmed so BB will be able to wear them again in the future.

Toddler TuxedoToddler Tuxedo

Tuxedos- My Tuxedo

The only photo I have of myself from the past week (even though I had several proper outfits this week) is from Blondie Boy's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday party so it will have to do!

Minnie Ears

T-Shirt- Dunnes
Skinny Jeans-Old Navy

Transatlantic Blonde was provided tuxedos for review but all opinions are our own.

Monday 9 January 2012

Blondie Boy's 2nd Birthday

It was Blondie Boy's Birthday on the 5th and I think he had a pretty awesome time. As always all his treats were egg-free for his birthday and if I'm honest I thought the pancakes, cupcakes and cake were all super tasty if I do say so myself!

We had his party yesterday at The Life Craft in Glasgow and all the kids had a great time with messy play (painting, playdough and more) and got to decorate their own tote bag to take away! Can't recommend it enough if you are looking for a children's birthday party in Glasgow. Instead of blabbing on about BB's big T-W-O I will let some photos do the talking!

Yay Birthday! Woke up to presents and Egg-Free Mickey Pancakes.

Auntie Katie got him his first car! He calls it "Elmo car"--it is read with googly eyes!

Birthday Boy requested Purple Frosting for his Egg-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Come Inside, It's Fun Inside! Fantastic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party at the Life Craft

Wednesday 4 January 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Wedding, Hotel du Vin Glasgow

Yesterday my Mother in Law got married! Apologies for the late post but we've just gotten home after a fabulous day and night at Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow. I posted a few weeks ago about the dress I got for the wedding but here we all are properly styled up!

Embellished Prom Dress- Oasis
Pewter Sparkly Shoes- Dune
Wavy Hair- Mark Hill Curling Wand