Sunday 29 July 2012

Egg Free Allergy Friendly Vanilla Maple Whoopie Pies

chocolate whoopie pies

Yesterday I decided to surprise NotBlondeHusband and make some whoopie pies with one of the box mixes I had in the cupboard.  Box mixes I think are great when you want to bake but can't be bothered making a huge mess or going through lots of steps. They came out lovely but the main problem with box mixes is they always call for egg or have traces of egg so Blondie Boy can't have any.

I had a good amount of the filling leftover so I decided to see if I could find any egg free whoopie pie recipes online. There are actually quite a few allergy friendly food blogs out there so it wasn't too hard to find recipes. A lot of the egg free recipes are also dairy free or vegan so in the end I ended up adapting a vegan chocolate whoopie pie recipe I found to suit what I had in the house and to allow for the things Blondie Boy is allowed to eat.

Anything you bake that is egg-free will generally not rise as much as a cookie or cake with egg in it but I think for the firs time making them and pretty much making up half the recipe they came out pretty well! I don't have a recipe for filling since I just used the leftover mix filling but you can fill them with any frosting or icing recipe or even store bought stuff.
egg free whoopie pie allergy

Blondie Boy certainly loved them which is good and I thought they tasted pretty good too. They aren't overly sweet but since they are for a toddler I don't think they need to be. Also check out that last photo that is what he calls his "model face." I guess that is the little weirdo's version of Blue Steel.

Vanilla Maple Egg Free Whoopie Pies
adapted from Mom's Vegan Kitchen Recipe
allergy friendly egg free whoopie pie
Preheat Oven to 175C/350F and line a baking tray with baking/wax paper.

Mix all ingredients together by hand until combined.

1 Cup of Flour
1/3 tsp Baking Powder
1/3 tsp Baking Soda/Bicarbonate of Soda
1/2 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of Lurpark Lighter butter spread
1/4 cup of milk
1/4 cup of hot water
1 tsp of Ener-G Egg replacer mixed with 1 1/2 Tbsp of hot water
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract*
1 Tbsp of maple syrup* 

*I eyeballed these so it is just an estimate! The flavour wasn't too strong, but again I was making these with a toddler in mind.

Drop roughly a teaspoon of batter on to the lined tray making sure to leave room between the batter. Have an even number of pies as you'll need one for the top and one for the bottom. I made fourteen in total for seven whoopie pies.

Bake for 12-14 minutes (you'll know for you oven but watch as egg-free cakes go brown more quickly) and then allow to cool. 

Carefully peel from the tray, add filling to half of the pies and top with the other half. You can also do what I do and put the pies in a ziplock bag and keep the filling the fridge and make them up as you need them since a toddler doesn't need seven pies at once :)


Wednesday 25 July 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Do Over

So last week I gave you fake outfit for What I Wore Wednesday, so this week I'm giving you the REAL deal! NotBlondeHusband and I had our date night the following night and had a great night. I noticed it was "Lobster Thursday" at a Brown's on George Square as we were getting out of our taxi so we were impulsive and checked it out. I'm glad we did because the cocktails were huge (seriously y'all a pint of pina colada), there was pianist playing jazz versions of contemporary songs and the whole grilled lobster was cheaper than I've ever seen lobster in my life. 

We went from Brown's to Boteco do Brasil in the Merchant City for their caipirinhas and open mic night. It wasn't really an open mic night as much as it was a Brasilian hootenanny with around 10 musicians all jamming and playing together. It was really cool and it was nice to have a night out just the two of us. So here is how I really wore last week's outfit:

cynthia rowley skater dress

HM Cropped Black Blazer
Cynthia Rowley Skater Dress- TK Maxx
Nude Wedges-Truffle

I didn't realize until we were out that the wedges are about 4 inches high! They weren't too bad to walk in but I'm glad I had flip flops stashed in my bag for the walk between the restaurant and the bar. I tried out Gosh Lip Marker in Natural Brown that night too. I don't normally wear darker lip colours because it looks odd to me but NBH (and those of you on Instagram) seemed to approve.

Gosh lip marker brown

I forgot to stick it in my bag and was impressed how long it lasted considering I couldn't do any touch ups! Since it is shaped literally like a marker it was super easy to put on, too.

If you read the previous post you know I went to see Madonna on Saturday night. I was going to wear this swallow print top I got at HM but even layered over a pink tank top I wasn't 100% comfortable in it as it is quite sheer. 

HM Swallow Print Tank Vest

 Again I turned to Instagram (are you on Instagram? Are you obsessed like me?) and y'all approved but can you see how you see all the lumps and bumps of my jeans through the top? It made me really self conscious so I switched to my black skull top which I was more comfortable in; I was a bit hesitant to wear the exact same outfit I wore to Guns N Roses but what can you do. I really do love the pink top so any suggestions on how to wear it and feel comfortable please let me know!

Transatlantic Blonde was sent the GOSH Lip Marker but I was not asked to review it. As always all opinions are our own--surely you know by now I don't say things I don't want to!

Monday 23 July 2012

Madonna MDNA Tour

It is no secret that I love Madonna. I've loved Madonna since I was six years old. Her music, her fashion, her style, her moxie, her politics--everything. In high school we had to write a compare and contrast paper and I did mine on Eva Peron & Madonna. When I got married, my bridesmaids walked down the aisle to a string quartet version of "Crazy for You." She's one of my feminist and fashion idols and I was excited to go see her live for a second time (I saw the Re-Invention Tour in DC, 2004) in Edinburgh last night and knew she'd put on an amazing show.
madonna edinburgh  scotland mdna

I've seen a few tweets about people being disappointed she performed too many new songs--unless it is a "best of" tour of course she's going to perform songs from the new album; tours are meant to help promote albums. I didn't have a problem with that, although the new stuff was used a lot of Auto Tune, my problem was with the violence.

During the performance of "Gang Bang" Madonna brandished several guns and shot at masked dancers while graphic blood splatters appeared on the screen behind her. For me it was just too much and in extremely bad taste following the tragedy in Colorado this past week. I know Madonna likes to shock, much has been made over her flashing her nipple in Istanbul, but this was just not needed. Sex or sexual reference doesn't shock or surprise me but graphic violence does.

I don't allow Blondie Boy to have any toy weapons. Right now it isn't that big of an issue but no guns, swords, knives, ninja stars---whatever no weapons. To me that also includes water guns; he can have squirting animals but no guns. I won't let him play with video games where you kill or hurt people when he is old enough either. I know a lot of people will say it is taking things too far but for me I don't want to encourage or indirectly support violence in any way shape or form.

When I was little and growing up you didn't have to worry about going to see a movie and getting shot. I'm not saying toy weapons or video games are the cause of the horrible mass shooting that keep happening but why would I encourage my child to act out violence? Why would I allow him to pretend to hurt people? What good does that do?

madonna guitar edinburgh scotland mdnaSo for me, as a mother, the biggest disappointment on the MDNA tour was the overt violence. Yes it sucked there wasn't an encore but what sucked more was that she was glorifying guns and violence--not indirectly but directly. I wish that her tour manager, choreographer or someone along the way would have said YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS. YOU ARE MOTHERF*ING MADONNA! VIOLENCE IS NOT COOL AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO TRY AND SHOCK EVERYONE THIS WAY.

She looked amazing and other than the lack of an encore the violence was the only thing that spoiled a great show for me. It did not top 2004 for me but even Madonna on her worst day is worth seeing--she's Madonna. I just wish she'd realize she doesn't have to shock us all, we love her already.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Loving the Sales!

The past few weeks I'm been in a bit of a funk and my anxiety has been creeping back. That horrible oppressive feeling of my chest tightening and wanting to burst into tears for no real reason at all. It happened last week so I decided to head to the mall.

I needed the fresh air (Glasgow Fort is an outdoor mall) and shopping always does one of two things for me: a) makes me feel loads better or b) makes me feel loads worse. A bit of a gamble but luckily for me this trip was the former and it really helped me exhale a little and smile. Almost every store had on a sale and I FINALLY found the nude wedges I've been searching for the past three months and ON SALE! SCORE!

I also got the same Cynthia Rowley dress I wore on my birthday but in a different pattern and best of all it was on clearance at TK Maxx for only £10!!! I love TK Maxx so much; stock and prices will vary by location but man can you get an amazing bargain! I've never really worn coral before but I love this shade.

NotBlondeHusband and I were going on a date tonight where I was going to debut my outfit but it has been rescheduled for tomorrow so you all are left with this totally ghetto and totally poorly planned mock photo shoot. Apologies in advance for what you're about to see:

Cynthia Rowley Skater Dress- TK Maxx
Truffle Nude Wedges-D2

Yea so I'm totally do the cliché "hand on neck" pose because I've got a chipped manicure. My hair is in a sock bun (made using Babylegs, who knew?) because I let my hair air dry all crazy and sunglasses because I have on no eye make-up. I told you it was ghetto. Blondie Boy's discarded Babylegs leg warmer actually worked really well for the sock bun though if you have any laying around.

To make up for such a bad post I've got a brand spanking new badge for you all! My fab friend Siân from Geek is the New Chic helped turn the amazing portrait Lizzie from Mummy in Manolos did of me into a new What I Wore Wednesday badge!  What do you think? I'll be said to see Cher Horowitz go as she is one of my original style icons but I'm I think the new badge better reflects what What I Wore Wednesday is all about-- mirror cell phone pics and all :) You can grab the new badge from the code in my blog sidebar!

Saturday 14 July 2012

Disney Live: Mickey's Magic Show

Blondie Boy is a big fan of Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse friends so when we were offered tickets to see Mickey's Magic Show at Glasgow's Braehead Arena we jumped at the chance. We'd never taken him to any sort of live show before so we didn't know how he'd react but he was super excited about the show before we went.  He told everyone he was going to see Mickey even the waitress at lunch!

We got to Braehead Arena in plenty of time to look around at what goodies were on offer and find our seats in plenty of time. There were lots of toys, treats and everything with Mickey on it under the sun as well as a chance to get a photo memento of the day. Normally that is not something I would do but Grandma, who's a big of a Disney fan as BB, was with us and really wanted to get BB a treat. As you'd expect snow cones are £7, but you get to take home a Mickey mug with it--thing aren't cheap but they aren't too extortionate.

Our seats were right up front on the floor so we had a great view of the stage but as most of the tricks were on a large-ish scale there weren't any bad seats. Blondie Boy had his own seat but chose instead to swap between his Grandma, Dad and my laps throughout the show.

You aren't allowed to take any photographs or videos during the show but I snapped this one of Blondie Boy just as it started and I think it sums up what he thought. He was totally in awe  as the show began and clapped and shouted  the magic word and danced along throughout the show.

The show includes Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald as well as a host of Disney Princesses including Cinderella and Belle and two of Mickey's Illusionist friends. One of the cooler tricks in my opinion was the homage to Fantasia where brooms dance and Minnie levitates.

The show was just a little bit long for Blondie Boy, he is only 2 1/2, and he needed to run around and let off some steam during the intermission. Even though he did get ants in his pants when we went to leave he kept saying he needed to see Mickey again. It was a lovely afternoon out but I'll let you hear from the one who matter most about what he thought:

Probably not the world's most elaborate or verbose review but he's two what do you expect :) If you couldn't make it out he said "I love you Mickey and Minnie" at the end and it is totally true. Thank you so much to Disney Mums UK for our tickets; Grandma is already talking about taking Blondie Boy to Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure when it comes this autumn.

Mickey's Magic Show is on tour throughout the UK with dates remaining in:

Capital FM Arena, Nottingham
Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd July 2012

The NIA, Birmingham 
Wednesday 25th – Sunday 29th July 2012

The Lowry Theatre, Salford
Wednesday 1st August – Sunday 5th August 2012

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
Wednesday 8th – Saturday 11th August 2012

Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield
Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th August 2012

Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
Friday 17th – Sunday 19th August 2012

The Brighton Centre
Thursday 23rd  – Sunday 26th August 2012

Echo Arena, Liverpool
Wednesday 29th August – Sunday 2nd September 2012

Transatlantic Blonde were provided tickets to the show for review but all opinions are our own. Do you seriously think I could make a toddler tell anything but the truth?

Wednesday 11 July 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Toddler Holiday Chic

We didn't get home until after midnight from France last Wednesday so I didn't get a post up in time for What I Wore for the first time! We had a great time at Eurocamp Le Grand Metairie but I'll get into that more in another post. We really just spent time together the three of us without tv or computers and with very little internet; it was fun to just hang out and play cards or dominos with NotBlondeHusband on the deck at night after Blondie Boy had gone to bed.

I'm pretty sure we all ate our body weight in baguettes and Blondie Boy discovered a love of French butter which he'd lick and eat off the baguette and then ask for more--he'd end up with a shiny butter face and need to be hosed down afterwards.

We kept it really casual  on holiday so my outfits really aren't worth a post. I wore several different Old Navy or Gap Vest Tops mixed with jeans or shorts--nothing exciting. So I will focus on what Blondie Boy wore because he is cuter than me anyway :)

toddler boy harajuku lovers

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Hat
Harajuku Lovers Tee-shirt
HM Skullie Shorts 
Polliwalks Sandals

I made him pose because I loved this outfit and knew I'd use it for What I Wore Wednesday! I just think he looks so cool but maybe I'm biased :)

puddle jumper swimming

If you have a toddler this is the coolest swim accessory EVER! Blondie Boy swam around by himself! There was a lazy river so he could just float and swim around and around and he loved it! He had so much fun at the pool and I can't recommend the Puddle Jumper enough!

Toddler Cincinnati Baseball Cap

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Cap
Superman Tee Shirt
Tu Cargo Pants

Blondie Boy loves his Cincinnati Reds hat, LOVES it. When we were sitting outside Beauvais airport waiting for check-in to open a man and woman saw his hat and asked if we were from Cincinnati. It turned out they were from Kettering where my Grandma lives in Ohio. It is "small world" moments like these that I love! It is probably why I subconsciously almost always travel in Cincinnati Bearcat shirts :)

I also puffy-heart love these Converse. There is Velcro to the side of the tongue so they are easy on and off and no laces to trip over. Plus the turquoise are just a super fun colour; I got them at the outlet malls in Cincinnati; if you are ever near a Converse Outlet go because the deals are amazing!

toddler blue hoodie

Blue Hooded Gap Sweatshirt
Marks and Spencer Jeans

Umm is it just me or does he look majorly grown up here? This is when we were kicking it outside the airport waiting for check-in. He just totally looks like such a big boy to me in this photo. I also love this sweatshirt because you can't tell but it makes his blue eyes just pop ;)

What do you wear on vacation? Do you dress up or just keep it casual?

Transatlantic Blonde's accommodation at Eurocamp and the Puddle Jumper were provided for review but all opinions are our own. Y'all know I only say things I really mean, right?

Sunday 1 July 2012


Today is my 4th year blogging at Transatlantic Blonde! I've blogged on and off for over ten years but it is four years to the day I started this blog. I'm hopefully enjoying myself in France but I scheduled this post because every year I mean to post on my blogversary and every year I forget! I don't think anyone actually celebrates but it still cool to look back and realize how far I've come! This started as a silly little blog to keep in touch with friends and family and has turned into something much more. I never imagined so many people would read it or care what I had to say. So a big thank you if you are reading this post and if you are why not comment and let me know why the heck you do!