Friday 26 December 2014

Three months

Age - three months

Weight - 14lb (not official just by weighing Auntie Katie with and without BG)

Height - 24" (again not official just her Auntie using Grandma's measuring tape)

Sleeping habit - Still a great sleeper at night (fingers crossed) and little naps during the day but she sleeps the longest on people.

Eating habits - Roughly every 3 hours. She will take a bottle of breast milk now which is great. We've both been sick so she had been shorter feeds, every 2 hours which was super draining.

Favorite activity - Squealing, kicking or cuddling her friends.

Milestones - She's 100% found her hands. She loves to stroke soft things, eat her hands and will grab your hand to put her pipka in her mouth.

Firsts - Christmas

If you like to compare/contrast here is Blondie Boy's 3 month update.

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