Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The cat, the myth, the legend

Okay, so Andrea requested photos and I think Finn should know that 28 years from now it is still okay if he and Derek the Dragon are still friends.

This is Gee Gee and we have slept together for the past 28 years. My Aunt Donna (my mom's college roommate and best friend at the time) got this for me when my Mom found out she was pregnant. Apparently Gee Gee called out to her from the store shelf.

Gee Gee, as you may or may not be able to tell, is a white cat. So he's a bit grey now and his plastic pink nose is gone, his whiskers are all curled up and the soft pink fabric that lined his ears is all put gone, but that doesn't matter.

Gee Gee had to have emergency surgery last night. In Gee Gee's paws are these wood chip type things. I think they might actually be bits of some sort of nutshell, but anyway they make his paws crunchy if you were to chew on them (which I used to do).
Luckily Dr. NBH came to the rescue and hopefully I will stop waking up with wood chips stuck to my legs.

So Gee Gee has been to summer camp, stuck down my Grandma's couch and on business trips with my Dad....so why not have an "Ask Gee Gee" column. It can be about anything; I have a feeling this will not catch on, but hey I will give it a go!


andrea said...

I love, love, love it!

Gee Gee, my cats would like to know how you manage to maintain your good looks after 28 years and a transatlantic move?

Melaina25 said...

I've only ever had a fruitrollup stuck on me once and someone sews me up as needed.

I've never smoked, drank, been to a tanning bed and I watch what I eat...now if Ryan and Colin would do the same!

Mary said...

Dear Gee Gee,

I sleep with a stuffed pig named Hector every night. My husband resents Hector and threatens to do bad things to him when I go out of town. How do I get my husband and Hector to peacefully coexist?


caught in the middle

Melaina25 said...

Colin and I sometimes cuddle in the mornings after Ryan goes to work and if he is sick she let's him cuddle me. If your husband sees how beneficial cuddling Hector can be, he will appreciate him more.

Also you can try get him his own friend; maybe he has never been lucky enough to have one of his own...