Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I <3 Graze

I have a new obsession:

It was created by the founder of LoveFilm, which rents you DVDs through the mail. It's the same idea but with healthy snacks. For £2.99 a box you get fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts or other snacks delivered through the post to your desk or home.

You can select from a selection of boxes like "Pre Workout" "Low GI" "Weight Loss" or just rate what things you like and don't like and be surprised.

I got my first box today and it was so exciting (yea I'm a dork). It contained 4 of my 5 recommended fruit/veg a day! I had a punnet of fresh pineapple, some dried orchard fruits (pear, apple & cherry) and dried cranberries. I ate everything but the cranberries which I plan to sprinkle on my oatmeal tomorrow.

I'm planning on getting my boxes on Tues/Thurs and it works out to costing less than one daily trip to Starbucks. I'm in love. I feel like a celebrity getting my meals delivered to me (except it's snacks and I still have to do my own hair and makeup).

They gave me a code for friends to use and get their first box for only £1! So if you live in the UK, why not try grazing: PC9J1P2


lizrising said...

That's crazy! I am jealous.

George Herron said...

Have you done any research, do they have anything like this in the States? I think Jesy would be interested.

Skinny Bitch said...

Hey Ryan,
It's Jesy your long-lost cousin that I don't think you knew that you had. Actually, I'm scheduled to meet up with your sis next week for a drink. Us Big-Boobed Wenstrup gals need to stick together. The hubby suggested that I check out your blog and this whole "Grazing" thing and it looks cool. Do you know if they have this in the US? I'm going to check it out today and see what I come up with, Thanks for the post!

Melaina25 said...

I know that you can get meals delivered (there always seems to be ads in the back of US & People) but I'm not sure about fruit/snacks.

I'm guessing if someplace did that it might be on or on

Good luck!