Monday 5 April 2010

3 months

Age - three months

Weight - He last got weighed 3 weeks ago and was 11lbs 11oz

Height - 26 inches (ish)

Sleeping habit - He is starting to sleep from 1am-6/7am and skip the middle of the night feed.

Eating habits - Eating 7oz roughly 5 times a day!

Favorite activity - Smiling, reading, kicking, talking, playing with froggie & eating his hands.

Milestones - 3 month vaccines

Firsts - Time in a house that wasn't family. We went to my friend Deb's house for an Easter lunch last Friday and he was extremely well behaved and got to see other kids (10 months, 16 months & 3 years)


andrea said...

He is so adorable Ryan!

Hoping For Hunter said...

I can't believe he's three months already! He's getting so big.

Radha said...

Aw, he looks so squishy! And I'm not talkin' bout he penguin. =)