Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dear Lover Give me one last Painful Kiss

I know a lot of people don't like Valentine's Day, but single or taken I've always loved it. Holidays were a reason to dress up, have a special breakfast (pink milk anyone?) and get presents in my house growing up. I looked around for a cute Valentine's Day shirt for Blondie Boy but I literally didn't see one child's Valentine's shirt, so I took matters into my own two hands!

I like to think Blondie Boy's style is as punk rock as a 13 month old boy can get so I immediately thought of putting an edgy twist to a normally pink and fluffy holiday. I love anything with skulls so I drew out a pattern for a heart and crossbones.

Skull Bones Template
I free hand every pattern I make- sometimes it takes a few trys, but it's definitely better to screw up a pattern then to waste fabric. I just use a bit of thick paper (or an ad for DFS in this case) so it pins on nicely to the fabric without ripping and then trace around it and cut out.

Normally I just use fabric glue but I decided to challenge myself and hand-stitch the edging. I was a bit worried since I knew there was no chance of each stitch being even in length and spacing, but I kind of like the kitchy homemade feel it brings. I won't lie it did take me almost an hour and a half to stitch, but I think it was worth it.

Punk Valentines Handmade
I can't wait to try it on Blondie Boy tomorrow maybe with a faux-hawk and a jean jacket and have a photoshoot while he dances around to some Social D.

Punk Skull Valentine OnesieI also made a rose corsage for Blondie Boy's Grandma as she and her fiancé were kind enough to babysit him while NotBlondeHusband and I went out for a Valentine's date on Saturday. I found the tutorial here and it was slightly time consuming, but really simple to follow. It is for a ring but I just made the circles slightly larger for a corsage.

Penguin ValentineI hope y'all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Thepmala said...

awww, those patterns are so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the heart and crossbones idea! Very cute :)