Sunday 31 July 2011

Mamas and Papas Sleep Travel Cot

When we rented the villa in France we knew there wasn't a cot so we jumped at the chance to review Mamas and Papas Sleep Travel Cot. If you've not heard of Mamas & Papas they specialise in a range of stylish, but functional products for mothers and babies including pushchairs, maternity wear, car seats for babies and others that are suitable for up to age 12.

Mamas and Papas Sleep Travel CotBlondie Boy had slept in a Pack and Play (what Americans call travel cots) when we were in the US last summer but not since he's when walking and climbing so I was a bit worried about if he'd actually stay in it. 

Well my fears were unfounded. If I'm honest I assumed the only reason Blondie Boy doesn't climb out of his cot now is because he wear a sleeping bag at night so he physically can't; well he slept in the Mamas and Papas Sleep Travel Cot without a sleeping bag and stayed put.  Not only did he stay put but he was PASSED OUT.

He's all crammed up in the corner but that's how he sleeps in his cot at home too, weirdo.  It took a wee bit of getting used to but the cot was easy to put up and down and obviously comfortable for a wriggly toddler, too.

My only complaint is the travel bag. The bag itself is quite flimsy, especially when you consider this is a product which is specifically designed for travel. The bag was ripped by the time we landed Barcelona. Perhaps if the bag was better quality or even if both the handles could be secured together (we speculate a baggage handler grabbed by one handle at that's how it ripped) it wouldn't have ripped.

All in all though I would highly recommend it as the cot itself is extremely sturdy and while the bag took quite the battering the cot itself survived intact.  The Mamas and Papas Sleep Travel Cot retails for £90 but is currently on sale for only £69.

Transatlantic Blonde was provided this product for review but the views expressed are my own.

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