Monday 12 December 2011

Holiday Gifts for Toddlers

I'm the first to admit I'm very lucky to get to review products so I thought I'd what I would give a toddler who loves to play but also loves to read! Blondie Boy's books are always all over the floor because he is constantly pulling them out to read but he also loves climbing under and into things as well. What better way to combine two of his loves than with a great book and funky place to read it?

Garden Games WigWam

How freaking cute is this? We'd call it a TeePee in the States and while it is an outdoor toy I think it would be super cute as a reading nook in a toddler/child's room, too. The service from Garden Games was amazing and I got email updates along the way letting me know it had been packed, shipped and was out for delivery. I hate playing the waiting game for something to be delivered so I loved this extra perk! 

If Wigwams aren't your style there are several styles of Playhouses available from a fairy princess castle to some really cool and funky wooden forts! 

Emma, from Me, The Man and The Boy, recently reviewed one as well and Oli loved his! You can see her review of the Wigwam on her blog. Mostly Yummy's girls tried one as well and you can read what they thought on her blog.

This book arrived through my letterbox and while I thought the illustrations were pretty I will be honest and say I didn't think much else of it at first but holy cow does Blondie Boy love it!

It is the perfect book for a toddler with an ever growing vocabulary and desire to learn. He loves flipping through the pages and pointing out the shapes or counting or finding colours, etc. He will sit with it for 30 minutes (that's a lot to an almost 2 year old) picking out different things and asking what others are called. 

It is beautifully illustrated and has "lesson plan" type examples in the front so you can continue to read it as your child grows.

Transatlantic Blonde was provided these products to review but the opinions are all their own.


Melaina25 said...

that teepee is tooo cool!! I want one!!But fear it may have to go smack bang in the middle of my living room!

Melaina25 said...

We have it up in the corner of BB's room and you could always put it up and down!