Thursday 19 January 2012

Prime Location Property Search iPhone app

It is no secret that I'm a bit of an app fan; okay who am I kidding, I'm an app junkie. If there was an app to braid my hair and walk the dog I'd be a happy woman. In all seriousness though a good app should make your life so much easier and the new Prime Location Property Search iPhone app is one of those apps.

I can remember when NotBlondeHusband and I were looking for a new house; I was massively pregnant and lets just say it was not fun. My friend just got a new job and is moving back to the West Coast of Scotland (yay!) so obviously that means she needs a new place to live so when she was up last week we had a look houses on the Prime Location Property Search iPhone app.

It couldn't be easier to use; you can type in your location using the place name or postcode or if you are out and about you can use the "location" feature to find properties nearby. You can also use the camera view to take a photo of where you are and see what is close by--how cool is that? 

West Coast weather in the winter is less than desirable* so we just typed in the name of a town we knew she was interested in and then clicked "Buy." You can also search for rental properties if that is what you are looking for instead.

Gorgeous 5 bedroom, £1.1 million home? Stunning but not quite in her price range so I will skip right ahead to the property that was my favourite.

Look at the views of the river! Stunning right? Modern, 3 bedrooms and balcony looking over the river- SWOON! The app lets you easily swipe through up to 10 images and if you wish you can open up the full brochure and floor plan which I personally think is a must.

You can easily share the listing with friends and family via email, Twitter or Facebook or if you are really keen you can contact the agent straight from the app. The app also has the functionality to save listings to come back and view later and if you have a account you can sync with your saved properties and searches there.

*After writing this up I was having coffee with a friend and when she told me she was trying to get her Step-Dad to help her buy a place I whipped out my iPad and tried the camera function. OMG. You scan right and left and available properties pop up on the live video/picture--how cool is that?

The Prime Location Property Search iPhone app is FREE on iTunes. If you don't have access to iTunes why not look for properties on What do you look for when buying or renting a new house?

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Melaina25 said...

i'm tech un-savvy but my hubby would LOVE this.  he actually uses something similar though he's usually just checking prices of the homes in various areas.  it seems that there truly is an app for EVERYTHING!!!


Melaina25 said...

I'm terrible with apps, I really should take the time to learn

Melaina25 said...

I sooo need this app - not that I need a new house, but for some reason I'm obsessed with looking at real estate!!

Melaina25 said...

I can see myself getting addicted to that app!

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