Monday 3 December 2012

TK Maxx Christmas Challenge

It will come to no surprise to anyone that even vaguely knows me or has even glanced at my blog that I jumped at the chance to do the TK Maxx Christmas Challenge. First I freaking love TK Maxx. Second I love shopping. Third I love a challenge. Throw them all together and I have to wander around TK Maxx for an hour looking for the perfect presents--AWESOME.

December/January is a busy month birthday wise for us; NotBlondeHusband's Dad, Mum and Sister all have birthdays as well as Blondie Boy. So for us Holiday shopping, plus the bulk of our birthday shopping can sometimes put a strangle hold on the budget. Luckily you can find a present for just about anyone, at a fraction of the price at TK Maxx.

My challenge was to shop for the different people in our family and find the perfect Christmas gifts and keep it all to under £200. I had my mission and I went for it. First I have to say if you are looking for Christmas decorations hit up your local TK Maxx. Look at all these baubles and decorations!

Christmas decorations

I was in the Cincinnati Ballet production of "The Nutcracker" when I was 6 so I'm always partial to a cool Nutcracker--plus these were only £9.99! Can't beat that price! I managed to pull myself away from the pretty sparkly things and get on with my mission.

First up my Mother-in-Law. She and her husband recently retired and is headed off on a 7 week trip around Asia and Australia in the New Year. I decided to put my jealousy about her amazing trip aside and use it for inspiration!  She's a sucker for pink and I thought this suitcase would certainly stand out on the luggage carousel.

Pink Suitcase

 RRP: £120.00 TK Maxx Price: £49.99!

It's also her birthday in early January and she's addicted to her iPhone almost as much as I am so I'm pretty sure she'd love this camel smart phone gloves so she can play Words With Friends while out and about without freezing her fingers!

Cashmere Touch Screen Gloves

 RRP: £54.00 TK Maxx Price: £19.99!

Next up is my Sister in Law; she also has a January birthday so I decided to pick a theme and buy two presents that would complement each other. She's recently been making cakes for some of her friends so when I saw this baking display I knew I'd find something!

TK Maxx Baking

So many options to choose from! I had to restrain myself from not buying anything for myself! I decided to go with a 14 Piece Cupcake Decorating Kit and a gorgeous sterling Cake Stand to display her creations!

Cupcake Decorating Kit
RRP: £19.99 TK Maxx Price: £9.99

Silver Cakes Stand

RRP: £45.00 TK Maxx Price: £16.99

Next up I was looking for a Chanukah gift for my Grandma Bess. She was a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw back in the day and is still really stylish. She's partial to scarves so when I saw this designer beauty I knew it would be a perfect gift for her!

Galliano Cherry Scarf

RRP: £109.00 TK Maxx Price: £34.99

NotBlondeHusband is notoriously hard to buy for so sometimes we just end up going for more practical presents. He wears button down shirts to work but can have trouble with some shirts since he has broad shoulders. I know this American designer fits him and favourite colour is green so it was a winner!

Ralph Lauren Green

RRP: £120.00 TK Maxx Price: £39.99

Last but not least is Blondie Boy. As you know he is obsessed with Cars and he also loves building towers and garages with Duplo; he doesn't have this set yet but I know he'd love to add it to his collection!

Lego Duplo Cars

RRP: £40.99 TK Maxx Price: £29.99

The total retail price of my shop should have been £508-
 I only spent £201.93! 

I went just under £2 over budget but I shopped and bought for 5 people including 4 Christmas presents, 1 Chanukah present and 2 birthday presents! I think we can let the £2 slide don't you think? I've always loved TK Maxx for shopping for myself but now I more than know it's perfect to shop for everyone on my list! What's the best deal you've ever found when shopping?

TK Maxx provided me with a gift card for my mission but all opinions are my own. Y'all know well enough by now I don't say something I don't want to right?


Melaina25 said...

What a haul! I especially love the gloves and the cake decorating set.

Melaina25 said...

I've seen a lot of really naff iPhone gloves but these were lovely! There are so many different options/types of cake decorating kits--lots of "junior" editions too :)

Melaina25 said...

Well done you getting all that stuff x

Melaina25 said...

Wow super finds, love the scarfe x

Melaina25 said...

It's Galliano! You can find such amazing brands hidden away :)

Melaina25 said...

I could have gotten so much more, too. I love me some TK Maxx!