Monday 16 June 2014

Wiggle your legs for Legs Eleven

Costa Bingo are celebrating the famous bingo calls, like Legs Eleven, with a series of videos on YouTube. Bingo is a bit of a foreign thing to me if I'm honest and I only ever played Bingo at a Memorial Day or Labour Day festival in my small town as a kid and there were never any crazy rhyming calls! I had no clue that bingo in the UK had a language of its own with famous bingo calls.

The video has been published as part of a series of video postings by the brand as they aim to put all 90 bingo calls into video form. Who knew there were 90 calls?!? I might have to take the plunge and try bingo in the UK as I imagine it is a bit more exciting and interesting then what I played as an 8 year old kid in Ohio!

You can learn more about the bingo calls video project at Costa Bingo

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