Wednesday 16 December 2020

FREE Printable Delivery Driver Holiday Thank You Snack Sign

It's the holiday season so we are getting even more deliveries than usual and this year (because, of course, #2020) deliveries don't seem to be running as smoothly or as quickly as normal. It's obviously not our delivery drivers or postal workers fault, but I'm sure they are getting the brunt of frustrations. So this year I decided to jump on the bandwagon and stick out some snacks.

I know I'm reliant on deliveries even more this holiday season, so I wanted to let our delivery drivers and mail men and women know we appreciate them, safely. I made this delivery driver appreciation snack sign you can print for free and stick on your porch with a box of treats. We tried to put out a few different options that were individually wrapped and easy to snack on the go while they help us make the holidays happen delivering mail and packages!

We appreciate you please grab a snack and stay stay safe. Happy Holidays. To our delivery drivers and postal workers

Need it higher-res? Download for free here.

It sounds silly, but it made me smile when I saw the first one grab a treat out of the box on my camera. We could all use safe, random kindness, right?

What snacks would you put in your box?

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