Monday 12 October 2009

Chickens don't lay Potatoes

I don't know about you, but I freaking *love* potatoes. In our house potatoes are eaten a lot and I love finding new potato recipes. Scalloped, fried, diced, pancaked, chipped, baked-- I love them all! Apparently though kids in the UK don't know jack about potatoes! How is that possible?

1 in 10 children aged 7 – 11 think chickens lay potatoes!*
1 in 5 have no idea that potatoes are grown in the ground*
1 in 5 didn’t realise that chips are made from the humble spud*

Having discovered the shocking truth about how little the nation’s children know when it comes to food provenance, McCain has decided to extend its educational, unbranded national roadshow – ‘The Potato Story’.

Armed with their purpose built, unbranded double-decker bus, ‘The Potato Story’ aims to plug kids’ food knowledge gap as a survey shows that one in 10 children aged 7 – 11 year old think that chickens lay potatoes.

Children who visit the bus can see how potatoes are grown, harvested and cooked.

Kids who know where their food is coming from are healthier eaters and anything that encourages healthy eating is a good thing in my book!

Yum, I think I might have to go have a baked potato for lunch now!

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