Monday 8 February 2010

Music Monday

One of Blondie Boy's favorite things to do (or at least we think) is a little something I'll call surf and sing. He sit up against my knees/legs and we sing and dance whatever songs I know the words to on the TV as I channel surf between our music channels. I tend to only know the choruses to a lot of the Top 40, so we have lots of mini-medleys.

There are some interesting videos/songs out right now and it's really creepy how many are on a multitude of channels at the exact same time. I tend to like VH1 Classic because they play lots of 80's even though I find it scary that 80's is considered classic.

We've also come across a new video from my favorite Scottish band, Biffy Clyro:

They aren't really a huge band here, but I love lead singer Simon's voice, but then again I have a thing for guys with an Ayrshire accent I guess!

What's your favorite song right now and who are your favorite hidden gem of a band/singer? We are always looking for new songs to sing and dance along to together.


andrea said...

I love Biffy Clyro! My fave is not such a gem, but Finn and I rock out to Travis all the time - you can't go wrong with a nice Glaswegian band :)

Beccalog said...

if you have cable, there is a great channel called "fun kids" or you can listen to it on the website. It was a life saver for me. Also, have you been to your local library for "bounce and rhyme" yet? BTW Aidan was partial to Mogwai.

Melaina25 said...

I'm a little scared of what kind of people might attend our local library. Our neighborhood is great, but the local library serves a notorious area of Glasgow...