Sunday 30 May 2010

Kiss Me and Smile for Me

While Blondie Boy chalked up 15,882 air miles before being born (yes I totally googled it), we are about to embark on his first flight outside the womb. We've got a short flight followed by a long flight and I need all the help I can get.

We've got a few new toys he's never seen before, requested (but aren't guaranteed) a bassinet, plan to give him a pacifier during take off/landing and have a wrap to wear him in to get through security, but what's your best advice?

What are you best tips for flying with a baby?
...and if you have any tips for helping a baby to adjust to an 8 hour time difference those would be most appreciated, too :)


Unknown said...

Long car rides terrify me let alone a flight but I'm kind of a candy ass. Let me know your tricks after its all over.

Unknown said...

Most important things to have easily handy at all times (as in, not in the overhead compartment) are bottles/formula and pacifiers.

Theo has racked up a fair amount of airmiles in his 16 months and the trip when he was BlondieBoy's current age was by far the easiest. The motion of the plane was soothing and he slept for most of it.

We did a 7 hour time change last November - follow your normal routine when you arrive, using local time. It went more smoothly than we expected.

Our next trip I am dreading. How to keep a walking toddler entertained on a 7+ hour flight = stress!

Good luck, have a safe flight & a terrific trip!


Harriet said...

I guess you've done it now, so well done on surviving! And if you still want tips, let me know!