Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Here I Sit Broken Hearted...

I know nothing about potty training. Not surprisingly I don't remember when I did it and my younger sister is only 20 months younger than me so I couldn't tell you what it was like for her either.  All I know is that Blondie Boy is starting to tell us when he's pooped. Yup I'm now that Mom, I'm blogging about poo.  He'll also go and grab his changing mat when he needs a new diaper.

I know that telling us AFTER the fact doesn't mean he's ready to be potty trained, but we do know it means he is aware of what he's doing.  So with that in mind we think we are going to get a potty, put it out and see what happens. So, why am I blogging about it if it hasn't happened? I need y'alls help!

What are your tips and tricks? Are there any pottys or potty accessories you loved? Any you hated? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! We were thinking maybe something like the potty about, but I'm open to any ideas!


Clareybear said...

When I started training Miss B I thought it was going to be a horrible process with lots of mess and cleaning and it honestly wasn't.

I know every child is different so listen to what others say and then do what suits you.

I went to Asda and bought some cheap pants so that if they got soiled it wouldn't be the end of the world. We had a traditional style potty in the bathroom for about a year before she ever sat on it so she wouldn't be scared of it and it was there for her to get used to, but she is tall for her age so found it really uncomfy to sit on it.

We eventually ended up with something like this http://tinyurl.com/67msyq8

It was brilliant, we could take the seat out to dispose of the ick and was really easy to clean. It also had a big white back so when she used it she got a sticker as a reward and would put it there.

I bought 2 waterproof sheets for her bed and can honestly tell you she never needed them, she's been out of nappies for about 18 months and has never had an accident :) I think that is down to us limiting her fluid intake after 6pm (bedtime is between 7 and 8 depending on her shower).

We also got a training seat for the big toilet. http://tinyurl.com/3pc69cv

I found that she liked to use the big toilet pretty quickly and she loved that she was able to sit there herself and this wasn't too much of a pain to take about with me if we were staying away anywhere too.

Hope you get something that works for you and BB


Janine said...

Things I found helpful were to read Gina Ford's Book - PTing in One Week. I never followed it, but it did give some good advise. The other was to have 2 have 2 identical potties. At first we had one that he could use in the lounge an watch TV (gets them use to the feel of the potty), the one was in the bathroom. We started the actual hard core PTing we then put both potties in the bathroom. Sometimes then a teddy or favourite toy would use the other potty. There is also a book that Fisher Price do called Potty Training for Boys. It comes with a sticker chart and stickers. James loved reading it as it had nice pics and easy language to understand. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great start!

I found the most helpful advice from a book I checked out from the library called A Guide to Potty Training or something like that. It's an Usborne Guide, if that helps.

Basically, we took the really laid back approach. When he started to show some interest, we bought the Baby Bjorn potty chair {which is great} and just sat it in the living room. He enjoyed sitting on it from the get go. We also bought Everybody Poos by Taro Gomi and read it to Milo daily, which got a lot of conversations started.

Really, it wasn't bad. I think the keys were that Milo was ready and we took it really slowly.

Good luck!

Chef Heather said...

I am having the exact opposite experience with my son! He is almost three and vehemently refuses to even sit on either of the two potties we bought. We have read a ton of books to him about using the potty and he seems to understand, but just doesn't want to. I have tried putting underpants on him and he throws a tantrum until he gets a diaper back on. We'll keep trying, of course, but I hope you have an easier time of it!

mnm003 said...

I'm not a mother but have heard good things from my friends that are about putting cheerios in the toilet and letting him take "aim" at them.

Unknown said...

Let me preface this by saying I have no idea if what I'm doing is a good idea or not...every night before her bath, I sit her on the potty. I just let her hang out while the water is running. She even tinkled once but that was just coincidence. I'm also asking her to take me to the potty when I have to go. I just want to get her exposed and comfortable. I'm also trying to talk to her when I can tell she's going. "Are you pooping? Big people poop in the potty"...blah blah blah. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am at pretty much the same place as you here. Son was starting to say 'nappy change' when he needed changing so thought it was a good time to start.

I took him out to choose a potty, we got one like the one in Clareybear's link as the seat is just a touch higher. He sat on it (fully clothed!) in the shop and said he liked it. Got it home... no chance.

Now he says 'poo nappy' when it's clean, sits in a dirty one and denies it, if I suggest sitting on the potty his lip starts quivering 'no no no'...

I have no idea why the sudden change or what to do next. We have a few books he likes to read about going on the potty and he is fine with them and seems to understand so I'm just going to leave it for a little while and see what happens.

Sorry, I have been no help at all and had a huge rant on your blog. I will interested to see how it goes for you. Good luck! xx

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