Sunday 12 February 2012

Sizzling Pubs

I'm going to be honest here: I wasn't expecting much when I agreed to check out our local Sizzling Pub. I'm not really a fan of chain pub-restaurants and their reputations aren't necessarily the best, however Blondie Boy, Not Blonde Husband and I had a really nice evening.

First of all the staff were lovely. Blondie Boy has an egg allergy and it can prove to be quite a problem when eating out.  Our waiter had no problem with checking which of the children's meals did and did not contain egg and even went as far as to read labels to double check instead of just asking the chefs. This was great: so, so helpful.

So here is what we ate:

BBQ Wings & Fried Mushrooms

My J20 was Glittery!

NBH's Angus BBQ Stack Burger

My Steak and Chicken Fajitas

Cheese, Tortillas & Fixings

BB's Grilled Chicken, Beans & Chips

The Most Massive Sundae I've ever seen
The portion sizes were extremely generous and we were both surprised with the food. Was it the best meal we ever had? No of course not but it was tasty and extremely good value for money. I was particularly pleased with my fajitas as I've had my fair share of bad British interpretations of fajitas but this was well seasoned and not overcooked. NBH and I split the Mega Supercurlycrunchielistic Choccaberry Sundae and we only got about half-way through. It was really tasty but HUGE!

The face of someone very excited for ice-cream

We went on the weekend but Sizzling Pubs have some great offers through the week and for the school holidays kids eat for free through the end of February! It really is great value for money and I can't say enough about how friendly the staff were. There are locations all through out the UK and I know I will certainly keep my eye out for one the next time we are on a road trip! 

Transatlantic Blonde was provided the meal to review but all opinions are our own.
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