Thursday 12 November 2009

Jet Set Bebe

If you could get frequent flyer miles in utero, this baby would probably have a return domestic flight by now! We've done two return flights to London, return flights to Bangkok via Dubai, return flights Bangkok to Koh Samui and today we are going down to Bristol.

This is my last flight for this pregnancy and I had to get a letter from my doctor saying I was "allowed" to fly. I find this slightly patronizing, but I'm flying Easy Jet and with most low cost airlines, they don't make things simple. In this case any woman more than 28 weeks pregnant needs a letter saying they are fit to fly.

I'm just down for one day for a conference and back up Friday night. Nothing exciting; I know some people think travelling for work is glamorous, but when you work for a charity it means cheap flights and even cheaper hotels, so nothing posh. It does mean I will accrue more TOIL (time off in lieu; time back rather than overtime) and have enough to take the day before NBH's aunt's wedding off as well as make my last day the 15th of December, rather than a half day on the 16th.

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