Tuesday 24 November 2009

Wooly Wednesday

Yesterday I met NBH's Auntie Margaret for tea because she got in touch to say she'd knitted a few things for the baby. Well she didn't knit a few things, she knitted the bebe a whole wardrobe! We got tons of adorable sweaters, hats and mittens.

She also got the baby a cute Winnie the Pooh soother blanket, a onesie/bib set and some socks, too. They are all cute, but are not as special as all the lovingly hand-made outfits!

Our winter bebe willl definitely be very warm and cozy!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

How sweet! They are all so cute.

Vegemite Wife said...

Sooo cute!! You're really lucky!

Stacia said...

Cute stuff!!! She is very talented!

Stacia said...

Cute stuff! She is very talented!