Tuesday 11 October 2011

Feminist Friday Theme XVIII: Reverse Sexism

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This week's Feminist Friday theme is my SIL's suggestion; she wants to know about reverse sexism; her example was that I refuse to be Mrs. NotBlondeHusband but would I be okay with NBH being Mr. Blondie? What about "Mr Mom?" How do you feel about reverse sexism?

If the theme doesn't speak to you please write on any feminist topic!

The Feminist Friday Round-up

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You don't even have to be a blogger to take part - just send me your post and I will publish it on my blog for you. You don't even have to include your name if you prefer.

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Visit others, comment if you like them or feel inspired by them. Just go out and encourage and support other feminist Moms or future feminist Moms.

The more support you give, the more you will get back! I can't wait to meet and interact with other feminist moms around the world!


Melaina25 said...

Isnt feminism about choice? So if he choses to be Mr blondie, you dont really get a say in it? just like him not getting a say in you not being Mrs notblondehusband...Actually...while on the point of reverse sexism...I hate it as a term.... Why is it that its just plain old sexism for women and feminists but for men its reverse sexism...It automatically puts men on the backfoot, as if we are all the ones that are usually sexist and now its just a turnaround of the usual run of events.

When a woman sexually assaults a man, we don't call it reverse sexual assault, or when a wife hits her husband, we don;t call it reverse spousal abuse so we?

Melaina25 said...

I've only used reverse for clarity if I'm honest! Sexism is sexism is sexism no matter the sex of the recipient. If I WANTED to be Mrs NBH that is one thing but it is another that I persistently get addressed as Mrs NBH. Does that make sense?

Melaina25 said...

Well, traditionally, the wife takes the husbands name. people usually just assume that you would have taken it. I know its quite common for that not to be the case in the states, but i think over here, we are stil a bit behind in that regard. In fact my sister got engaged recently and thought that her name changed automatically when she got married. I'm not saying everyone is that dense....but..

btw just meant the term reverse sexism being used in general, i didnt mean to imply you thought there was a difference between sexism towards men or women.

Melaina25 said...

I hyphenated my name as a wedding present to NBH. What I don't like is being called Mrs. HisFirstName HisLastName. No one changes their first name when they get married y'know?
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