Saturday 15 October 2011

The X Factor: First Public Vote

Can someone please tell Tulisa to stop with the tattoo arm pose? Its not big and its not clever. Her hair is 10,000 times better and I'm glad she read my post last week and saw that we all hated the reverse roots :) This week's X Factor  theme is "love and heartbreak" so I expect some Alanis and Winehouse but I doubt I will get it.

Nu Vibe:

nu vibe nuvibe xfactor x factor x-factor
I'll be honest I don't have high expectations for them especially after watching the US X Factor where the calibre of talent is just way better. That first bit of "harmonizing" (I use that term loosely) was just awful. I love "With or Without You" and this faux-dance version is not doing it for me. Are they trying to style themselves as a clubby/dancey group because it isn't believable.

Sammi Brookes:

sammi sami brookes brooks xfactor x factor x-factor
They still haven't quite figured out her styling have they? The longer hair is more flattering but the metallic shrug is not doing her any favours. In my opinion if your name ain't Whitney or Dolly you should never sing this song because it will never live up to the expectations of your audience. She sang it okay enough but no emotion and no performance; if I wanted to just see someone sing I'd watch myself do karaoke in a mirror. X Factor is about more than singing you know what I mean?

Craig Colton: 

nu craig colton xfactor x factor x-factor
Will someone please tell him that he can not pull off the neck waggle reserved for only the fiercest of sisters? Just because you are singing a Beyonce song does not mean you can use her gestures. He's so worried about waving his hands and screwing up his face and perfecting his snarl that the vocals are just blah. I really would like to fast forward. I'm not loving it at all.

Janet Devlin:

janet devlin xfactor x factor x-factor
She literally gave me goosebumps with that first phrase. Her voice is just so sweet and pleasant to listen to and if you haven't guessed already I am a big fan of hers. The song was a bit slow and sleepy for my personal tastes but I still love her.

Frankie Cocozza:
frankie cocozza franky xfactor x factor x-factor

First off is he wearing jeggings and tails? Sack the stylist. He is doing his talk-whisper thing again and isn't singing the song. He didn't sing and it wasn't good. Shortest recap ever.

Johnny Robinson:
johnny robinson xfactor x factor x-factor
We all know he performs in Drag so why do they keep hinting at it and just let him come out as his alter ego? I almost feel like it could possibly work if he was in drag. Scratch that he just came into the chorus and the singing is just, wow. I will not be able to get this out of my head for a long time unfortunately. WTF! Why did he say "vogue" at the end?!?!?!

Marcus Collins:

marcus collins xfactor x factor x-factorI really don't like the flaming hands behind him because in my mind that just alludes to domestic violence; maybe I'm reading to far into it but the flaming hand and Rihanna song I just don't like the visual. It also says a lot that I'm noticing the backdrop more than his vocals. He doesn't pull of serious or dramatic very well; I didn't believe what he was singing and that last note was not pretty. Also it looks like he has on a toupee tonight.


rhythmix xfactor x factor x-factor
Is this really a love song? It's not a heartache song-- its about a girl who can't commit right? Does that really qualify it for the theme? If they were going to stretch the theme they could have picked a much better song. The styling, again, is atrocious especially on Jesy I think her name is--why is she always wearing MC Hammer pants? I liked them last week but this week I wasn't feeling it.

Misha B:

misha b xfactor x factor x-factor
There are rumours in the papers that Kelly had to bitch her out and knock her down a few pegs for talking shit to the crew and it doesn't surprise me especially with that little VT saying she wants to make all the backstage proud.  Do you think she's smuggling nuts in her shoulder pads because she looks like the Purple One from Quality Street. She can sing but her attitude just turns me off.

The Risk:

the risk xfactor x factor x-factor
The violins and music is louder than their vocals or is it just me with my wonky hearing? Half of them have no emotion in their faces and the other half have totally cheesy-fake looks on their faces. I feel like this song is so overdone and if you are going to do it then make me believe it. I still don't think they gel well as a group but apparently girls think they are attractive (?) so they could still be around for a bit.

Sophie Habibis:

sophie habibis xfactor x factor x-factor
Why are they trying to make her jazzy in a Norah Jones sort of way? She can sing for sure but I just feel like Kelly has been failing her with song choices and stylings. She looks pretty tonight (minus the white eyeshadow when she blinks) but again no real emotion behind the vocals and certainly not strong enough yet to stand up there on her own and belt it. Just feel a bit short; she has the goods but she needs to bring more to the plate than just her voice.

Kitty Brucknell:

kitty brucknell xfactor x factor x-factorWhy is she wearing a wig in her VT? Is that really necessary? Oh and another wig in the performance. I need to do some full disclosure here before I continue on (I've paused the TV and everything)-- I've sang this song before. I've sang this song on stage before for a show in high school and I have very fond memories of it. My opinions therefore may be even more biased than usual. Okay disclosure over. I do not understand the Alice in Wonderland theme and it doesn't add to the performance. She's trying WAY too hard and it does not work. I won't go as far as to say that I did it better but umm yea you can come to that conclusion if you like.

My Predictions for the Bottom:

NuVibe, Marcus, Rhythmix


Melaina25 said...

I agree, the US XFactor contestants would blow the UK ones out of the water.

But I liked Rhythmix though. They were my favourite performance and I do not like girl bands generally. Those harmonies were solid. The styling was, agreed, awful.

I'm choosing to ignore all the gossipy BS aroung Misha B and just enjoy her performances. I think she's going to peak too soon though.

The boys are so not interesting this year. Ah well.

That's except for Johnny, obviously. But let's hear him sing an actual song. And please, someone cook him a meal.

Melaina25 said...

Sami (one "M") looks like Sonia from Eastenders!

Craig looked even more gay than last week (if that's possible)

Frankie needs to go

I'm confused about Jonny - drag it up or go all macho 

Micha's costume was a more "Out there" than last week!! Not sure what they're going for there

love love love Kitty this week and I don't know why!! She was just so clear and pure with her tone.  Loved the A-in-W theme with the rock out at the end.  She is this years Wagner/Jedward and I think Louis is making the most of her because Goldie walked

Melaina25 said...

Brilliant! I think Sammy is in danger. Agree that haven't got her styling right. I love Janet too and she seems really sweet. My predictions for the bottom are Sammy, Kitty and Marcus (which probably means it will be someone completely different!).

Melaina25 said...

I want Kitty's wig. #Fact
I think the crazy Bjork reference just adds to everyone thinking she's a tad unbalanced.... not that there's anything wrong with being unbalanced I must add.

Melaina25 said...

You would so rock that wig #fact

Melaina25 said...

The first week of public voting is always so tough to call!

Melaina25 said...

Oh no I think Johnny is this year's Wagner!

Melaina25 said...

".....the US X Factor where the calibre of talent is just way better" be honest I feel that's a little offensive.  And I disagree; I haven't seen anyone on the US X Factor that stands out for me any more than most of the British ones. The only exceptions here are Janet and Sami. Furthermore, I think Sami DID sing that song beautifully. I've always loathed Whitney's version...her shrill caterwauling shrieks make my ears bleed...& I honestly think Sami sang it better.

Melaina25 said...

We can agree to disagree :)

Melaina25 said...

Late to the party again, one day I'll actually watch it live on Saturday....

I thought most of the acts were abysmal this week, so much so that the Rythmix stood out as being good!     Cocozza needs to go, he cannot sing for toffee and his low hanging gusset is offensive to me. 

Sami isn't Sonia (sorry Nickie) she's Peter Kay's Geraldine!  

The Risk are more pleasing to the eye than the ear.  Nu Vibe are incredibly displeasing to both. 

I'm glad that Janet went back to her incredibly annoying insipid voice because I think t'husband thought I was making it up.

Again I had to fast forward Johnny, but sadly still caught the rogue 
'Vogue' at the end.  

I spent most of Misha's performance wondering if she was going to burst out of her costume.

And finally - why was Dermot wearing a suit that was too small for him, or is this fashion?