Tuesday 5 October 2010

9 months

Age - nine months

Weight - 19lbs, 9oz

Height - 28 1/2"

Sleeping habits - He sleeps from 9:30/10pm to 9-10am roughly.

Eating habits - Eating 8oz 3 times a day and has had pancakes, pumpkin bread, croissants and blueberries added to his repertoire.

Favorite activity - swimming, singing, drinking invisible water, banging on things.

filmed on a Kodak Zi8

Milestones - Crawls EVERYWHERE, pulls up to stand on EVERYTHING.

Firsts- tooth!!!

Apologies for the crap photo, but someone wasn't in the mood for a photoshoot today!


Unknown said...

Why? Why is he so stinking cute!

Dana said...

I think he looks more like you every day! Too cute. And I love that cup of his :).

Lil'Misa said...

happy 9 months cutie!

Little M said...

What a cutie!!!

Woman, what's up witht the 9.30pm bedtime?? I would dieeeeeee....hahahaa..I need ME time much earlier than that... xx