Friday 22 October 2010

Stuff we love: Tommee Tippee

I'm lucky enough to get to review some amazing products, but I thought I'd let y'all know some stuff that we use everyday and love, too!
Tommee Tippee

We've used Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles, Sterilizer and Soft Soothers (we call them pipkas) since Blondie Boy came home from the hospital. We've never had any problems with colic nor any problems with wear and tear.

I really like the Soft Soothers because now that Blondie Boy is teething it means he can chew on his pipka and it won't hurt his gums or teeth.
Now that Blondie Boy is getting bigger we also use Tommee Tippee sippy cups, spoons and bowls, too. We have several different types, but I think my favorite is the Tip it Up Cup. It's really easy for Blondie Boy to hold and it doesn't drip a lot.
I'd never heard of Tommee Tippee before we had Blondie Boy since I grew up in the USA (although it's now available in the US!) but I can't imagine our day-to-day without it!

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