Monday 11 October 2010

Who needs Sleep?

So I'm going to let y'all in on a not so big secret, I can't sleep. If you follow me on Twitter, instant message me from the USA or just know me this should come as no surprise. It's like I'm stuck in some time zone in the middle of the Atlantic ocean half way between the US and Scotland.

To be totally honest it's no that I can't sleep, but more specifically that I can not fall asleep. Once I am actually asleep I am fairly good at staying asleep. I've tried many things in the past from listening to specifically designed sleep playlists through a pillow speaker to prescription medicines.

For the past few years I have been watching DVDs to fall asleep. We have our DVD player set up so I can set a sleep timer and after a certain amount of time the TV turns off, but I can still hear the sound of the movie which will shut off thanks to a second sleep timer. This has been my go to sleep setup for years, but it's just not cutting it anymore.

I often am still asleep when the DVD turns off which then leads me to panic, turn back on the DVD and start all over again. Right now I'm downstairs while Blondie Boy and NotBlondeHusband are asleep and trying to get sufficiently sleepy before slipping into bed.

Does anyone else have this problem? I should add it doesn't matter what time I go to bed or what time I wake up (so don't tell me to get up early Mom) falling asleep is always difficult.

For getting through an entire post with no pictures I leave you with the Barenaked Ladies; I always think of this song when talking about not sleeping....



Yes me *Raises hand*

I'm actually an insomniac and I very rarely sleep. I'm also the sleep expert over at Laura & Louise - check it out. Although, it's still being developed.

It sounds like you've tried a lot of things to help you sleep. I notice that a few of them are stimulants, ie. the DVDs. I'm sorry the relaxation CDs haven't worked for you and also medication.

Have you revisited medication with your Doctor to see if there is an alternative?

I find that often people who have trouble sleeping have an evening routine based around media. Try and detach yourself from this. I know it's difficult as we are so accustomed to it these days.

About an hour and a half before bed, have a warm bath with some lavender oil in it, soak for a good twenty minutes and relax. Following this have a warm milk based drink (not caffeine) and read a magazine but preferably a book. Take yourself to bed and try and relax. If you can't sleep try counting and only allowing your mind to concentrate on the numbers. Alternatively lie and imagine that energy is being released from all points of your body, as though you are being shut down from head to toe.

You can also try spraying your pillows with lavender and also lavender temple rub.

You need to not use the TV or laptop in your sleeping areas. If you can face it get rid of them completely because they transmit high pitched sounds and energies that can prevent you from sleeping.

Let me know how you get on and if it doesn't work or you need anymore help, email me.

You can also get me through the Laura & Louise website, and of course my own blog, BECKICKLESIE

Good luck darlin' xx

Sarah said...

I had that same problem for MONTHS. Finally we found a humidifier that made the perfect humming noise that got me to fall asleep. It was just loud enough to drown out my thoughts but not loud enough to keep me awake.

Other than that I took tylenol pm when desperate.

Maybe it's a weird PP hormone thing. I hope it resolves soon!

(oh, I also started reading about an hour before bedtime and that helped)

Hoping For Hunter said...

I have this problem too! My husband can take one deep breath and be asleep.. it took me over two hours to get to sleep a couple nights ago. It's exhausting, and doesn't matter how much or little sleep I get. However, I can nap during the day with no problem.. go figure.

sicklink said...

have u tried not sleeping in ur bed? sounds dumb but i honestly can fall asleep much faster on the couch for some unknown reason, thats y i slept on big orange forever. i think we all got sleep issues from the grandmother as i know i have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night unless ive taken benadryl and george 4 also burns the 4am oil on a regular basis.

Holly said...

I was at the Barenaked Ladies concert in Glasgow! A-MA-ZING. And as for sleep....unless it's dark, I'm hopeless. My Scottish monkey (aka partner) puts the TV on and falls asleep instantly. ON TOP of the remote. So basically I have aggressive insomnia in the form of a fiance. Sigh.